Friday, March 11, 2011

How to build, deploy and run a Windows Embedded Compact 7 image

Following this interesting article on Embedded101 Build Windows Network Projector with WEC7 in about an Hour I decided to put on practice my first official WEC7 image on a real hardware recording all steps.

First, I built a image, including a silverlight shell provided by Microsoft inside Platform Builder 7.

After that, I prepared a Compact Flash with diskprep and ran the OS on a device with:
- CPU: Onboard Intel D510/525 Atom processor,
- RAM: 1GB

Thak you Sam for the excellent article!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Released Windows Embedded Compact 7

Today is officially released the Windows Embedded Compact 7! The official link is main differences between Windows CE 6.0 R3:

Microsoft RTOS Comparison ChartWindows CE 6.0 R3Windows Embedded Compact 7
Multi Touch & Gesture SupportLimitedYes
Browser SupportIE6IE7 with Flash
Physical RAM512MB3GB
Kernel Support for ProcessorsARMv4ARMv7

For more info you can read at