Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Windows Embedded Hands On Labs - Milan

On Tuesday, December 13th BEPS Engineering, in collaboration with Microsoft Innovation Center (Torino) and Windows Embedded EMEA Team, has presented two Hands-On-Labs on Windows Embedded technologies. The HoLs have been presented in the new Labs of the Microsoft Campus located near Milan.
In the morning Beppe, Marco and Gianni, three eMVPs from BEPS have presented the Hands On Lab on Windows Embedded Compact 7, the last version of Windows Embedded CE. The main objectives have been to allow participants to work directly on workstations configured and ready to use, to practice with the help of trainers and take home the possibility of repeating the exercises on their own workstations.
In the afternoon, with the same formula, we have moved to Windows Embedded Standard 7, the packaged version of Windows 7.
The 18 participants were satisfied and, at the end of the day, there was the time of the questions that prompted the trainer to treat, in more detail, the required arguments.

For more details:
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http://blog.bepseng.it                            Beppe Platania (eMVP) blog;
http://marcobodoira.blogspot.com         Marco Bodoira (eMVP) blog;
http://embeddedlounge.blogspot.com    Gianni Rosa Gallina (eMVP) blog;
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http://mictorino.wordpress.com              Microsoft Innovation Center (Torino) Blog.

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